Meet the Team


All photos by the fabulous Ashley Sunderland Photography 

Amy Ray, owner of Amy Ray Events, was born and raised in Oklahoma City and currently resides in Edmond with her amazing husband, Casey, and their 3 children, Hunter, Ryan, and Gage.  When Amy is not planning events, she enjoys spending time with her family, decorating, making candles, and reading. Amy has always had a love of organizing and planning events. She was an early childhood educator for 7 years prior to beginning her event planning career. Her background in education gives her experience with organizing crowds, planning events, and working on creative projects.

Amy has been planning parties, showers, and weddings since the age of 20, and is a certified wedding and event planner. Upon completion of her certification in 2014, she launched Amy Ray Events. Being detail-oriented and organizing events are Amy’s specialties. She will ensure that every last detail is taken care of and make sure your event is planned to perfection. From charity events to engagement parties to weddings, Amy Ray Events can do it all. Our mission is to make your event fabulous, memorable, and stress-free!


Amanda Staples joined the Amy Ray Events team in 2016. Amanda obtained her certification and has been a lead planner ever since. Amanda loves weddings and events so much that she just can’t get enough. She is currently managing a fabulous venue in downtown OKC as well! 

“Amanda is amazing! Her genuine love of weddings and care for her clients is evident in everything she does. I’m thrilled to have her on my team”Amy

“My favorite part of the wedding day is the father-daughter dance. It’s such a sweet moment and it always gets me to see so much love.“- Amanda


Cassie Powell came to Amy Ray Events shortly after obtaining her certification in 2015. She has been carefully planning and leading weddings ever since! 

“Cassie is fantastic! She is so incredibly hard-working and gets everything done, and done well. I’m so glad to have her on my team.”Amy

“My favorite part of the wedding day is when all of the family group photos are finished and it is finally time for just the couple. It is one of the only times I get to see just the two of them (plus me and the photographers) and that is important alone time on a busy day like that.”     – Cassie



Emily Wilcots came to Amy Ray Events in 2017. She has been helping couples as a lead planner since obtaining her certification that same year.

“Emily is fabulous! She is sweet and kind, but knows how to take charge. I’m honored to have her on my team.”Amy

“My favorite part of the wedding day is seeing how happy the couple is during their first dance! It is just such a sweet moment.”Emily


Adrienne Turner has been with Amy since the start of the company in 2014. Adrienne is a certified planner and you will often find her leading our “ceremony only” and “ceremony plus” weddings at our preferred venues! 

“Adrienne is incredible! She is able to handle anything and can multi-task like none other! I love having her on my team.”Amy

“My favorite part of the wedding day is right after the ceremony. I love telling them congratulations and seeing their faces realizing that they’re finally married. Pure joy!”Adrienne


Katie Ridgeway joined Amy Ray Events in the spring of 2021 and jumped right in, eager to learn the business of weddings. She worked diligently to complete her certification in early fall 2021 and is officially taking on the lead role in upcoming weddings.

“Katie has an amazing attitude and is incredible at keeping her cool when needed. Her calming presence and gentle nature are a blessing to have around on such an important day!”Amy 

“My favorite part of a wedding is getting to see the couple as their eyes meet down the aisle. Their expressions and joy of knowing they are about to be married is so sweet!”Katie 

Chanel Kistler joined Amy Ray Events during a tricky time for weddings (2020) and immediately showed her ability to work under difficult conditions and handled everything with grace. She completed her certification in fall 2021 and is happily taking on the lead role in upcoming weddings.

“Chanel’s eagerness to help couples is so refreshing. Chanel will do whatever it takes to make sure everything is right for the couple on their big day!”Amy 

“It’s honestly too difficult for me to pick my favorite part of the wedding day…I love it all!!”Chanel


 Lauryn Bennett joined the Amy Ray Events’ team as an intern in 2021 and is eager to complete the certification process! She has been assisting on weddings throughout our internship program, learning the ins and outs of the wedding planning business, and is eager to take the next step towards helping couples plan their weddings! 

Expect to see this fabulous gal taking on a larger role on the Amy Ray Events’ team soon!